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Benefits of Resistance Bands

By May 10, 2021 No Comments
Sport specific training

by Sarah Lindsay, FLEXAFIT Certified Trainer

Resistance bands are an incredible way to increase strength, improve form, and work specific muscle groups the way you will be using them in sport. Resistance bands are cost effective, and they take up very little space which makes them perfect for anyone working out at home!

Increasing strength to help with sport is extremely important. What many people don’t think about is what exercises they should be doing to make them stronger. Strength machines at the gym are great- but they do not always give you that functional strength that you can apply to your sport. By using resistance bands, you can practice the movements that are used in your sport to reinforce using proper form in sport to reduce likelihood of injury, and strengthen the muscles used in the way you will need to be using them. This can improve power, speed, and reduce the chances of injury.

As figure skaters, we are taught the importance of proper form on the ice. The same importance should be applied off of the ice. While strength training, improper form can result in devastating injuries, taking you out of the sport while you heal. Ensuring proper form and repetition to make good technique a habit is extremely important when it comes to success in sport. Using resistance bands in strength training can help perfect your form and provide extra resistance to strengthen the muscles required. This means once the bands are off, the exercise feels easier and can be performed more efficiently, for longer, and provide more power.

Sport specific exercises tend to be less known, but they are our specialty at FLEXAFIT! We focus on sport specific exercises to work the proper muscle groups in a way that is functional and can result in a more direct impact to your on-ice performance. Combining sport specific exercises with general, functional strength and conditioning training will result in more strength and consistency in jumps, spins, balance. Complementing sport specific exercises with resistance band training means more power for jumps, spins, footwork, and overall grace while skating.

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