Injury Prevention

Dec 29

Looking Back at Year 2019

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Sep 03

Know Your Limits: How To Assess Pain

With a week of summer training in the bank, you’re probably feeling a little sore. Aches and pains from pushing your body to its limits are completely normal and expected, but you shouldn’t “tough-it-out” through all discomfort and pain.  Registered sport physiotherapist, Pat Stanziano, has some advice for you on how… Read More

Aug 15

Empowering Your Own Recovery

A few weeks ago, we talked about how to assess certain aches and pains you might feel during training and how to know if you should push through it or take your foot off the gas for a day or two. In this blog, we bring you more advice from… Read More

Jul 16

The FLEXAFIT Show – Episodes 1-10

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Jul 16

The Flexafit Show – Episodes 11-20

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Jul 16

The Flexafit Show – Episodes 21-27

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