Do your kids have proper footwear for off-ice training?

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      Proper training shoes deliver comfort in key moments for young athletes. The shoe should offer optimal protection and support, which helps prevent ankle and foot pain during any form of exercise. Remember, investing in proper equipment both on and off the ice will help your skater get the maximum benefits of training….

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How to Generate More Height in Jumps

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Off-ice jumping is important to develop rotational axis, spatial awareness and simulating the on ice jumps.  However, in order to improve vertical jump, skaters need to do much more than just practicing off-ice jumps. Research shows that the depth jump is one of the top exercises to help improve jump…

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“Figure Skater Fitness Magazine, April 2016, Signe Ronka, BA, CSCS, PTS, NCCP3”   Figure skating is a sport that includes physical and mental components such as quick acceleration, jumping, turning, agility, coordination, quick judgement, strength and conditioning, balance, mobility and flexibility. The body and mind must be trained in all areas to achieve maximum performance on the ice, as well…

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Stretching is the best method for improving flexibility. Flexibility encourages the lengthening of muscles tissue.  Stretching regularly will help figure skaters to release muscle tension, increase fluidity of movement, release toxins, and most importantly prevent injuries. A tighter body has more resistance and therefore power and  free movement can potentially…

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