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Sep 21

FLEXAFIT Figure Skater Fitness Newsletter – September 2021

FLEXAFIT figure skater fitness Read More

Aug 15

FLEXAFIT Figure Skater Fitness Newsletter – August 2021

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Jul 23

FLEXAFIT Off Ice Masterclass with Signe and Kurt

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Jul 15

Newsletter - July 2021

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Jun 17

FLEXAFIT Adults Skate Too Workshop

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Jun 12

FLEXAFIT Figure Skater Fitness Newsletter - June 2021

It’s June and we have a lot to jump for here at FLEXAFIT®. Not only has the weather been consistently warm now for those of us in the northern hemisphere, we have been busy planning our summer online schedule including….CAMPS! Read More

Jun 12

InstaChat interview with Signe Ronka

I want to make the skaters better with the off-ice training but I think there is a lot more than just off-ice training... Read More

May 16

FLEXAFIT Figure Skater Fitness May 2021 Newsletter

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May 10

Benefits of Resistance Bands

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Apr 08

FLEXAFIT Figure Skater Fitness April 2021 Newsletter

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Apr 06

With fire in our hearts and ice in our veins we off-ice train in support of Sick Kids Foundation

FLEXAFIT 1.5 h interactive online off-ice class with all proceeds going directly to SickKids Foundation Read More

Feb 21

FLEXAFIT Figure Skater Fitness February 2021 Newsletter

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Jan 06

FLEXAFIT Figure Skater Fitness January 2021 Newsletter

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Dec 17

Never Let Anyone Doubt You

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Dec 01

Stationary Jumps Improve Fast Rotation and Quick Twitch

Stationary jump exercises done on a regular basis help improve rotational speed and fast twitch on both jumps across the floor and on ice Read More

Nov 27

FLEXAFIT Off Ice Training for Figure Skaters Rewards and Referral Program

Customers will earn points every time they book a class, appointment or refer a friend. Read More

Nov 04

The Flexafit Show

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Mar 14

Special Offer

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Jan 25

Arctic Midsummer Festival 2020

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Dec 29

Looking Back at Year 2019

Year 2019 in review... Read More

Sep 03

Know Your Limits: How To Assess Pain

With a week of summer training in the bank, you’re probably feeling a little sore. Aches and pains from pushing your body to its limits are completely normal and expected, but you shouldn’t “tough-it-out” through all discomfort and pain.  Registered sport physiotherapist, Pat Stanziano, has some advice for you on how… Read More

Aug 15

Empowering Your Own Recovery

A few weeks ago, we talked about how to assess certain aches and pains you might feel during training and how to know if you should push through it or take your foot off the gas for a day or two. In this blog, we bring you more advice from… Read More

Jul 16

The FLEXAFIT Show – Episodes 1-10

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Jul 16

The Flexafit Show – Episodes 11-20

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Jul 16

The Flexafit Show – Episodes 21-27

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