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PART 1: Anatomy & Alignment 101

Upper Body 


Lower Body

Alignment of the Joints


PART 2: Fitness Essentials for the Younger Athlete

Teaching the Basics


Basic Strength & Conditioning

Basic Plyometrics



PART 3: Sport Specific Movement Patterns

Skating Movements Off-Ice

Basic Stationary Jumps



PART 4: Measuring Success 

Testing Assessment for Fundamentals


PART 5: Setting Realistic Goals & Planning Sessions

Making a Weekly & Monthly Plan

Goals & Fitness Homework Activities


PART 6: Tricks of the Trade

Working with Big Class Sizes

Organizing Class Structure




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    What’s Included?

    3-day training, 15 hours total


    • FLEXAFIT methodology through classroom instruction, training sessions, and coach-led workouts.

    • Q&A

    Level 1 Training materials

    Receive FLEXAFIT LEVEL 1 Trainer credential

    • Workout plans for one season;
    • On-call consultation via phone, messaging or zoom for the first 2 months;
    • Online teaching opportunities.
    • Figure Skater Fitness magazine digital subscription;
    • Collaboration with club providing fundraising opportunities selling FLEXAFIT products;
    • Cross promotion on all social media channels;
    Register - $3,500

    Deposit $1,000

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    Are you the next FLEXAFIT® owner?

    Do you want to see increased athletic improvement in your skaters? Are you passionate about boosting the confidence of skaters during training and competitions? Have you always had a bigger vision for your club? Do you believe sport specific off-ice training is essential for improvement in on ice performance? Have you always wanted your club to have an edge in training? Is your club energetic and excited to see amazing results in off-ice training? Do you want to be involved with a growing business that provides top of the line off-ice training?

    Why you should join FLEXAFIT®?

    With over 20 years of figure skating experience and more than 12 locations, our network is the most experienced and trusted brand in off-ice figure skating training. Help skaters in your community have complete access to the top of the line office training programs, which will help boost confidence, and on ice performance. Turn your passion for a bright vision for your club into a profitable program offering by learning from the pro how to deliver outstanding off-ice training for your skaters Best sport specific off-ice training program on the market with proven results.

    The Benefits of the FLEXAFIT® Network?

    Sport specific off-ice training for figure skaters that will help you stand out from the crowd with the most complete program structure in the world. Step-by-step instructions for your certified trainers on how to teach the FLEXAFIT® programs. On call support for your club and instructors on scheduling, program offerings, training tips, and testing analysis. Online database access for your club to keep track of each skaters off-ice progress throughout the season Trainer Certification: Step-by-step training that will bring your club to the next level. Best practice studies with improved plans for each season. Full marketing plans and collateral to make your club stand out.

    “Jump on board with FLEXAFIT to see ultimate results in performance on and off the ice.”

    – Signe Ronka, Founder

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