Never Let Anyone Doubt You

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Having recently joined the team at FLEXAFIT®, I have quickly come to realize what the business stands for. Not only do we offer top quality training for figure skaters, FLEXAFIT®, even though it has pivoted to successful online training during COVID-19, has not lost this wonderful energy of empowering the young generation. My daughter is not a figure skater, but I feel as though through her learning what I do at FLEXAFIT® she has picked up on this energy and it has propelled her to fulfill a goal she has had for a while. Here is her story and she hopes it will inspire anyone reading it.
~ Maya Rourke ~ booking manager at FLEXAFIT®

My name is Charlotte and I would have never thought that by the age of 12 I would have been an entrepreneur along with my best friend Ashley. We met in grade 4 and at the time we were not that interested in taking pictures yet. It wasn’t until we got our first cameras that we discovered our love of photography. We would take pictures of nature that our families didn’t spot themselves and really started having an eye for finding the beauty in nature and capturing it. It really came as a surprise and ever since then our cameras are always at our side when we are out in nature. After many compliments and lots of encouragement, our moms brought up the idea of starting an Etsy shop. We started to do some research and although we were hesitant at first, it soon became clear that this was exactly what we wanted to do – to be able to share our photographs with others and learn about running a small business. We planned and planned for months and had mixed emotions of frustration and excitement but we kept thinking positively with our end goal in mind and grew confident that it would all work out. We’ve already learned so much and realize that running a business will have its ups and downs but it is totally worth it! Owning this shop gives us faith that we can pursue and expand our business when we’re older and ready. If we were to give advice to a young entrepreneur wanting to start a business we would say- “Never let anyone doubt you, or get in your way of reaching your dreams and goals because you CAN do it! Believe in yourself, have the confidence to start and you will get there.”

You can find Charlotte and Ashley’s Etsy shop here:

Eye-Catching Nature Photography by TheArtsyLenses on Etsy

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