Figure Skater Fitness Magazine – FALL 2018 – PRINT

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Volume 4 Issue 4

FALL 2018 Figure Skater Fitness Magazine

with Amber Glenn

  • She’s the 2014 U.S. Junior National champion.
    A powerhouse renowned for her masterful jumps and spins. Exactly what you’d expect from an athlete who’s dedicated three and a half hours a day to the sport since she was five. But 18-year old Amber Glenn is more than just an up-and-coming Senior Ladies hopeful. She’s a courageous risk taker, speaking openly about competition anxiety, rising after a fall and the importance of mental training. She’s also back on the ice and her spirit has never shone brighter by Adriana Ermter

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In this issue:

IN THE SPOTLIGHT – 18 year old Amber Glenn, 2014 U.S. Junior National champion;
FITNESS INSIDER- Power Housed; Skip the Pre-season; NEW! ONE-MOVE WORKOUT; Off-Ice Jump FLEXAFIT Exercises;
INJURY PREVENTION- Stay Strong and Skate On; Muscle Matters;
TRAIN THE MIND- Grace Under Pressure;
STYLE- Colour Confident; Game Face
SKATERS CORNER- How Competitive Are You? Test your skating knowledge;
… and more

Our mission is to provide figure skaters, coaches and parents with leading information on everything you need to know about what it takes to train like a figure skater off the ice.
We are your number one source for figure skater fitness, nutrition, mental training, injury prevention, and glamour. We strive to motivate and educate figure skaters of all ages and levels to aim for excellence.


Figure Skater Fitness Magazine is released quarterly.



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