Figure Skater Fitness Magazine – FIRST Issue, Oct 2015 – Digital


Figure Skater Fitness Magazine is a digital magazine that is released quarterly.

Our mission is to provide figure skaters, coaches and parents with leading information on everything you need to know about what it takes to train like a figure skater off the ice.

We are your number one source for figure skater fitness, nutrition, mental training, injury prevention, and glamour. We strive to motivate and educate figure skaters of all ages and levels to aim for excellence.

What you will get:

– The very first issue of Figure Skater Fitness Magazine (October 2015) with Signe Ronka (founder and editor-in-chief) in the spotlight;
– Leading information and content on sport specific training (fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, mental training, glamour and more);
– Access to the magazine from any platform (PC, Tablets, Smart Phones, etc.);
– Interactive magazine with links to videos, audio clips, etc.

Once you purchase your copy, you will receive a coupon code to access the digital magazine.

*** Price in Canadian dollars

In this issue:
Spotlight with Signe Ronka;
Sport specific training: energy systems and muscle activation;
Injury Prevention- 12 PAK Warm Up vs Figure Skater Bootcamp Warm Up;
Why ballet training is important for figure skaters
Fitness insider – workouts;
Nutrition insider;
Injury prevention;
Talent- It’s not the gift, it’s the grit that counts;
Figure skaters talk;


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