FLEXAFIT® Level 1 Certification


Certification Course Overview

The FLEXAFIT® Level 1 Certification provides an introductory educational course on fitness fundamentals for figure skaters.

It is the initial step for anyone who is interested in a progression based approach to training figure skaters from the ground up. Prospective trainers take the Level 1 course to acquire base skills and knowledge on how to train figure skaters in the fundamental stage using the FLEXAFIT® methodology.


Two of the following:

  • Skating coach
  • Personal trainer
  • Former skater landing axel and up

Valid First Aid (mandatory)


to Receive FLEXAFIT® Level 1 Certified Status

  • Attend full 3 days course
  • Pass FLEXAFIT® Level 1 Test
  • Pay all course fees in full
  • Sign the FLEXAFIT® Trainer License Agreement, Waiver, Release of Liability and Confidentiality Agreement and agree to the policies outlined.



Course instructor Signe Ronka, founder of FLEXAFIT

Upon completion you will be a FLEXAFIT® level 1 Certified Trainer


The FLEXAFIT® Level 1 Certification offers specialist instruction on the FLEXAFIT® methodology through three days of online practical and theory training.


Welcome package, Pre-designed workout plans for one season, FLEXAFIT® fitness tracker workbook, Technical manual,

FLEXAFIT® worksheets


In the theory component, trainers will learn basic anatomy, fitness essentials for younger athletes, sport specific movement patterns, how to measure success and plan workout sessions.


The practical component will encompass how to teach a proper warm up, various program plans for one season of training and cool down/stretch exercises.

Q & A

Signe will be available during the certification to answer your questions.


Online teaching opportunities, Collaboration with club providing fundraising opportunities selling FLEXAFIT® products, Cross promotion on all social media channels


  • Figure Skater Fitness Magazine subscription
  • Set of 5 resistance loops


On-call consultation via phone, messaging or zoom for 2 months

3-day training

 FLEXAFIT methodology through classroom instruction, training sessions, and coach-led workouts.


Here is a testimonial from one of our past participants:

 The Flexafit Level 1 Certification course was exactly what I was looking for. It provided a solid and comprehensive foundation for understanding how to develop athletes of all ages and abilities. If you have ever struggled to find clarity behind the wealth of fitness myths and fads and want to know which exercises will actually benefit your skaters’ fitness, then Flexafit is the program for you. I really appreciated the science and research-based approach of Flexafit that was incorporated into its teaching and programming. Signe was an amazing presenter who was able to break down complex ideas into simple building blocks that I know I will be able to pass along to my students. The depth of knowledge that she had when asked a question continually astounded me, and I also appreciated the passion she had for developing every age and ability of skater in a safe environment with injury prevention in mind. If you are looking to find a program that can be comprehensive for the diversity of your students’ needs and skills, I would 100% recommend the Level 1 Flexafit Certification course.


Ally Walsh


When you certify with FLEXAFIT, you will be set up for a road to success with your off-ice training. We will provide you with in depth training manuals for off ice jumps and skill development with proven exercise progressions for skaters at the fundamental to advanced level. During the course, we will go through various scenarios on how to structure programming, types of exercise prescriptions and technique & alignment focus areas from the grassroots to advanced levels.

If you are a motivated coach, who is determined and excited to see success fast and done efficiently, then join our growing community at FLEXAFIT.

*   – FLEXAFIT is a branded sport specific fitness methodology created by Signe Ronka. It is a registered trademark of Figure Skater Bootcamp Inc., which was founded by Signe Ronka in 2010


For more information visit online.flexafit.com/certification


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