Package Set: 4 copies of “Plan, Skate, Track – The Ultimate Figure Skater Guidebook”


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Let this guidebook be your path to success

Whether your goal is to make it to the Olympics or land a single axel, achieving any goal takes lots of planning. The first two sections are dedicated to setting your long term and short term goals, so you can see the vision in the future and what you need to work on right now. You will follow two sections called Periodized Planning and Setting SMART Goals.

If you live, breath and love figure skating, this guidebook was made for you. Whether you are skating and training for fun, to be on the competitive team, or just to reach your personal best, keep doing what you love to do! The on-ice and off-ice sections will allow you to create structure and consistency with your training.

The most important measurement to see if you are reaching your goals, is to do some concrete tracking. This guidebook has been set up for a complete 3 months of tracking your fitness, skating, and nutrition. After 3 months, you are ready to evaluate your progress, reset your goals, and mark down your accomplished goals. Reflect on what worked and didn’t work and then get ready to plan your next 3 months.


What’s Included?

  1. Periodized Planning to map out the season
  2. Setting SMART Goals and tracking progress
  3. On-Ice Tracking for jumps, spins, solos, etc.
  4. Sport Specific Fitness Tracking for strength, conditioning, flexibility, etc.
  5. Nutrition/Sleep tracking for daily energy efficiency and competition performance


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