Figure Skater Fitness- SPRING 2021 digital


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In this issue:

On the cover of SPRING 2021 issue – the 2021 US Figure Skating Champion gold medalist Isabeau Levito is just 13 years old and at the top of her game.
Find out what she has to say about what it takes to gain power, speed and nerves of steel both on and off the ice.

FITNESS INSIDER- Muscle Makeover; Trail Trekkers

In this section, we’ve got three exercises to relax your body and release tension from your muscles, along with seven fun hiking trails from Vancouver to South Africa—all to and give your mind, body and soul a much-needed reset.

FLEXAFIT WORKOUT- Increase your body awareness and strength

These fun and easy to achieve upper body and hip stability exercises will help you develop body awareness and muscular strength, while preventing injuries. Plus, you can do every single exercise at the gym with your trainer or at home alone

INJURY PREVENTION- Stretch Therapy; Foot Facts

What do healthy feet and stretch therapy have in common? Both have huge benefits: they help to keep you in the gym and on the ice injury free. 


Five steps towards creating a calmer, happier and more resilient you


Understanding why stress, boredom, unhappiness and more can sometimes have you reaching for chips or a chocolate bar and how you can make healthier choices

STYLE- Create an At-home Spa for Maximum Relaxation

You train hard every day, so your body deserves a little TLC every single day.

SKATERS CORNER- Change for the Positive

Skate Canada’s Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


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