Skype for Success: Online Personal Training

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By: Gabriella DeBono

In the last two decades, technology has helped skating, quite literally, soar to new
heights. Video analysis programs and sports science research is allowing elite skaters
and their coaching teams to knock down barriers and up the ante of the sport. Some
might argue that the advancement in technology is the reason the sport’s difficulty
keeps climbing, but it has also proven to make training easier, more inclusive, and more
convenient over recent years.

Stay Connected

The technological age has inspired a wave of creativity amongst coaches and athletes.
Sharing pictures and videos of jumps, spins, off-ice exercises, and program previews
has never been easier thanks to social media. Expanding the skating community
beyond the boards of the arena, social media has tightly connected skaters and
coaches all over the world– adding to the competition and joy of the sport! Some skater-
coach partnerships are using the advancement of technology to their utmost advantage.
An example of this is Nathan Chen and his coach, Rafael Arutunian. This season, Chen
moved to New Haven to attend Yale University. Although he may have left his training
base behind, he is still able to take form his coach, Arutunian, via Skye. Virtual training
sessions allow athletes to explore multiple opportunities in and outside of skating. It’s
almost like being in two places at once!

Train from Anywhere

Learning via technology is a great way to save time and money! Finding a gym that is
affordable and close to home or the rink is often an obstacle skaters face. There are
many workouts that can be done with your own body weight in the comfort of your own
home! At Flexafit, we now offer online training sessions at your convenience. We work
with skaters across the world, and now we can work with them on a regular basis
without hopping on a plane. Who says you need to go to a high-tech gym with a
personal trainer to stay fit and strong? Traditional fitness barriers are being broken
everyday– it’s important to embrace changing traditions.

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