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Training Over the Holidays

By December 11, 2018 No Comments

By: Gabriella DeBono

The holidays are right around the corner, skaters! For some, the countdown to Nationals is on and training is kicking into high gear. For others, it could mean taking some down time to recharge for the upcoming off-season full of skill and strength development. Taking some time away from the arena and gym this holiday season is not a bad thing. Allowing your body and mind to rest is healthy, but should you really do nothing on your break?

Although taking a few days to curl up with some Netflix and popcorn is completely okay, not training at all during a prolonged break can actually set your fitness levels back significantly. There’s science behind why it’s so difficult to do programs after time away from the rink! The American College of Sports Medicine reports that two weeks away from regular training is enough to decrease cardiovascular fitness above anything else. To put it into perspective, it takes about three months for a well-trained athlete to lose the entirety of their cardiovascular capacity. If you want to maintain your strength this holiday season keep reading!

Keep up your cardio

Cardio is the first thing to “go” when you take a break. There are quick and easy ways to maintain your fitness that don’t involve the rink or even a gym. Short bursts of high intensity exercise, or high-intensity interval training, are simple interval-based workouts that keep your heart pumping and cardio-strength up! For example, doing ten one-minute sprint intervals of running, cycling, or jumping rope a few times week are quick exercises to keep up your stamina and make those long programs easier during the first week back!

Nutrition matters

The holidays are filled with rich dinners and yummy treats that probably veer from your nutrition plan. It’s important to remember that eating is never a bad thing and it’s okay to have a few treats! However, avoiding overindulgence can be tricky. The number one tip for keeping your mind at ease about overeating this holiday season? Moderation!

The Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba recommends the 80/20 method of eating during the holiday season. Here’s how it works: 80% of your meals should be planned and healthy, while 20% can be holiday treats! This will provide you with a balance that allows you to stay on track with your health and satisfy your sweet-tooth!

Stay fit, healthy, and happy this holiday season skaters!


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