As the industry leader in sport specific off-ice conditioning, FLEXAFIT®‘s mission is to train, educate, motivate and equip athletes and coaches of all levels with the right tools for achieving on ice success. FLEXAFIT® is an all encompassing sport specific educational and service provider that offers various fitness programs, standardized testing, workshops, seminars and educational resources (Figure Skater Fitness magazine). FLEXAFIT® provides athletes a solid foundation to excel in sport specific activities, which furthermore promotes healthy living.


FLEXAFIT® was founded by former Canadian international and national level skater, Signe Ronka. Together with her professional background in fitness and experience as an international skater, she started a sport specific program for figure skaters, that has climbed to international recognition. Signe offers world class off-ice training for figure skaters both online and at the studio in Toronto.

When you come to our studio, you will have the amazing opportunity to train with the best of the best in the industry. Not only can you train with Signe, we have a huge list of expert trainers on staff who are certified on the FLEXAFIT® method. We also have our very best in house dance and flexibility coach Martha Weizman, who has taken not only figure skaters but other athletes and movie stars flexibility and dance to the next level.

Educate + Motivate + Teach

Teaching why fitness training is key for long lasting athletes

Educate + Motivate + Teach

Teaching why fitness training is key for long lasting athletes


We were proud to open our first FLEXAFIT® Studio in the spring of 2013. Our studio is located in the heart of the Toronto Film District Area, in the historic Munition Factory building. It is a spacious studio with natural lighting, hardwood floors, mirrors, ballet barres, professional sound system, and high performance equipment (plyometric s boxes, TRX system, Bosu/ Swiss balls, hurdles, ladders, weight rack, rings etc.).


FLEXAFIT’s off ice fitness program stands apart from any other off-ice training. Not only does it incorporate sport specific movement patterns that can be trained on the floor, it also involves a deeper analysis of the sport and fitness.
Signe has created specific programming for skaters based on the following: 10+ years of research to create structured periodized programming based on the seasons of training:

  • Sport specific warm up plan that targets the three key areas: increased blood flow, sport specific drills and dynamic range of motion activation.
  • Energy systems used in our sport (specific high intensity circuits with appropriate work:rest ratios),
  • Metabolic circuits to help improve lactate threshold (the point at which the legs start to burn in a long program etc.),
  • Result proven plyometric vertical jump training to increase height in jumps,
  • Fast twitch exercises that help improve speed of entry into back spin position in jumps,
  • Heart rate zone training to target the appropriate heart rate percentage of programs on the ice,
  • Sport specific upper body/core training exercises that trigger stability, control and strength for take-offs, in-air positions, and landings of jumps,
  • Multi-functional lower body exercises to improve muscular imbalances, strength and control for better body alignment,
  • Deep hip muscle exercises to improve stability and strength, which helps prevent long term hip injuries from pounding in our sport,
  • Off-Ice jump exercises to help improve spatial awareness, body control, fast twitch, and rotational speed.
  • Flexibility training that improves range of motion through PNF stretch techniques
  • FLEXAFIT® Testing assessment covering all key areas of training development.
  • Test results have been collected over the past 8 years and have been standardized to show the typical results of a competitive skater doing double Axel and higher.
  • Each skater is baselined to show where the strengths and weaknesses appear. From the results, appropriate programming can be developed for each skater.
  • FLEXAFIT® is proud to extend programming to skating clubs across the world.
  • Check out our amazing clubs that train with FLEXAFIT®. We would be super excited to add your club to our training roster.
  • Reach out today to find out how you can start our program at your skating club or book a workshop to see what we are all about.



At FLEXAFIT®, we have had the honour to train not only figure skating celebrities, but also some big names in the film industry.  We are located in the prime film industry in Toronto.
If you are looking for fitness, dance, and or flexibility training, contact us at [email protected]

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Will Bonin


There was big progress after [my daughter] trained with Signe.  She is stronger and learned the right technique to do double axel and triple jumps. Signe is a really good coach and pays attention to improve skaters with her experience. It is unbelievable that online training is very efficient.

Waranee W., Thailand


Online Training

My daughter started taking group lessons since 2020 in April when we had a lockdown in the UK. It lasted for 6 months without the ice. During those months, she was taking group lessons 4 days a week. Before the lockdown, she only had doubles but in 6 months of training with Flexafit, she got her 2A and now very close to getting her first triple. She enjoyed all the group lessons as well as private lessons with Taylor and Signe. Not only they are knowledgeable and professional but they are also inspirational. I am very pleased with her improvement and she is hoping to improve further during our 3rd lockdown. I believe she can go back to the ice in a stronger shape. Also, the booking manager has been very friendly and helpful. Thank you so much for your service.

Tomoko C., UK


Molly is an Allstar cheerleader and is in her 7th year of the sport. This year she made the team she’s always dreamed of making, and wanted to really bring her best to her team. Although she is naturally flexible, pulling body positions with the correct technique while in the air requires more than just natural flexibility. Molly started working with Martha last summer, and immediately we could see that Martha had a very special and unique knowledge and expertise. Every week I witnessed the magic of Martha’s methods, as she identified areas of tightness and possibility that Molly would never have thought of on her own. Molly loved going every week, always leaving feeling invigorated and proud of her accomplishments with Martha. Not only did her technique in pulling her air positions improve significantly, but most importantly her confidence in her flexibility skills has soared. We cannot thank Martha enough for her expertise, kind manner and dedication to making Molly a better athlete.

Sarah Pendergrast, Parent




I can’t express my gratitude for the incredible program you provided for our skaters this past weekend!  Signe, you are so talented and have such an admirable passion for educating and training skaters in a super positive and engaging learning environment.  We would love to bring you back!

Haley Ruotolo

Skating Director, Westchester Skating Academy, USA

Being part of the Flexafit Family has been very motivating not only for me as a coach, but for my skaters who can see and feel the difference in their skating abilities. The exercises are challenging, but fun and the holistic approach Signe incorporates to cover all aspects of this incredible sport of figure skating, makes Flexafit is the perfect training partner for any aspiring athlete. I particularly notice the difference in my younger skaters who are learning correct technique from the start, and their progress has been phenomenal. Having only qualified to skate our SA Nationals for the first time this year, Taytum Rosseau became the youngest SA Juvenile Champion, having only turned 8 a few days before Nationals.

Susan Marais, South Africa


After last Sunday’s class, Emilia successfully got her double loop, double toe and Flip and Lutz clean this week!! It would be nice to keep up the pace and maintain the muscle memory 



Online Training

I want to let you know how unbelievably impressed we were with Monica’s first sessions last night.  Thanks so much!!  She is really looking forward to her next sessions. Thanks very much!




Amazing experience for the skaters! Loved having Signe in Massachusetts! Great workouts, jump techniques, warm up, etc!

Peabody, MA

Julie Conrad