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Each individual on our team has a passion for figure skating and fitness. We are dedicated to helping skaters reach new heights in their training and performance!


Founder / Head Coach

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Figure Skater Fitness Magazine

Signe Ronka is NCCP Level 3 Certified- National Competitive Coach, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) and holds an honour BA from the University of Toronto (Trinity College).  Signe competed for Canada in the Junior Grand Prix circuit where she medalled at 3 international events.  She qualified for the Junior Grand Prix finals and competed at the Junior World Championships.  Signe is a Canadian Junior Ladies bronze medalist and finished top 10 in Senior ladies.

She has won multiple awards:

  • “Own the Podium 2010” Funding Award (2006),
  • Bank of Montreal “Possibilities” Award (2002),
  • 2002 Junior Female Athlete of the Year Finalist, 30th Annual Canadian Sport Awards,
  • Elvis Stojko Bursary,
  • Toller Cranston Bursary Award (2000, 2001, 2002),
  • Underhill/Martini “Hopes & Dreams”
  • Petro-Canada Olympic Torch Scholarship (2002–03, 2003–04)
  • University of Toronto Athlete of the Year (2007)

Signe has 10+ years of experience coaching at the Granite Club, East York Skating Club and Richmond Training Centre. She has coached skaters on the ice from Canskate to Senior competitive. Signe has choreographed multiple programs from the STAR 1-5 level to Senior competitive as well as interpretive.

Signe is the founder of a sport specific fitness program, FLEXAFIT- Figure Skater Bootcamp, designed to help skaters prevent injuries and improve performance on the ice.  The program incorporates strength & conditioning, agility & speed, power & fast twitch, balance & stability and flexibility & mobility training.  She travels around the world teaching skaters her off-ice program.  She released a DVD “Reach New Heights“, which incorporates sport specific off-ice training, off-ice jump exercises and conditioning drills.  (www.flexafit.com)

Signe is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Figure Skater Fitness, a quarterly magazine that takes a scientific approach to sport specific training on topics of fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, mental training, glamour and more. (www.figureskaterfitness.com)

Signe is also a member of Skate Canada Hall of Fame and Heritage Committee.


Flexaballet, Flexastretch & Flexafusion Dance Instructor

Martha formerly trained with the National Ballet of Canada and continued her dance career with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. After many years her career began to shift to ballroom dancing and is now a competitor of dancesport. Having taught in many studios and fitness facilities in Toronto her ballet classes, ballroom styling and her unique Deep Flow Stretch classes have been in high demand. Martha has taught as a private coach to many top athletes to improve their performance in sport and loves to share her skills, creative thinking, performance techniques and her endless passion at the Flexafit studio.

Martha is very excited to travel to workshops with Signe Ronka coaching skaters outside of the studio (most recently to Montreal).  She has contributed articles on ballet training and flexibility for figure skaters in Figure Skater Fitness Magazine.  Martha continues to study and explore methods to give her skaters the highest level of achieving their goals.

Martha: ”Flexafit has brought so much joy and passion back into my life working with children and adult skaters I look forward to many years ahead growing with the Flexafit team“


  • Flexafit Studio


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Danielle has been a competitive figure skater for 15 years representing various clubs including: Schomberg Skating Club and Newmarket Skating Club with Judy Coalter, Richmond Training Centre with Bob Emerson and Nobleton Skating Club with Lynda Downey.  Danielle has passed  Gold Skating Skills, Gold Interpretive Singles, Gold Dance and Gold Free Skating.
Danielle was active in martial arts, equestrian, and ultimate frisbee throughout high school. In university, she trained for two half-marathons and spent three years practicing hot yoga. Other interests – powerlifting.
Danielle is a Certified Club Coach (CanSkate) with both the Nobleton Skating Club (October 2012) and the Schomberg Skating Club (September 2015).

Danielle is a certified Figure Skater Bootcamp instructor


  • Newmarket Figure Skating Club


Certified Flexafit Instructor

NPTI certification
National pairs competitor (1999-2001)
National singles competitor (2002-2005)
10 years Professional skater

Alyssa started skating at the age of 3, and excelled in both singles and pairs over the years. Alyssa and er partner set a Canadian record in pairs at Nationals as well as representing Canada at international competitions.

After her competitive career Alyssa traveled the world for 10 years touring with skating companies like Willy Bietak Productions, Holiday On Ice and many more. During that time she acquired personal training license from NPTI and have been teaching fitness to skaters ever since.


  • Skate Oakville
  • Streetsville Meadowvale Figure Skating Club
  • Flexafit Online Personal Training


Certified Flexafit Instructor, Booking Manager

Sarah is a Registered Kinesiologist, has her Honours Bachelors of Kinesiology, and is finishing her Graduate Dimploma in Professional Kinesiology from Lakehead University. Sarah has worked in treating and training many populations and it has helped her understand the importance of proper exercising technique from an athletes perspective and a professional perspective.
Sarah is a retired figure skater that competed nationally for synchronized skating out of Newmarket skating club and East Gwillimbury skating club. She skated for over 14 years and has completed her gold skills, dance, and interpretive out of Newmarket.
Sarah is excited to be able to apply her knowledge from years of skating and schooling to help improve the performance and technique of figure skaters, and aid in the prevention of injury through proper technique. She is passionate about training with Flexafit because it is something she wishes she had as a competitive skater.
Sarah is also the booking manager for Flexafit and will be available to contact for any booking inquiries or questions you may have. She will be in contact with skating clubs for workshops, class information, and skaters and parents for private sessions with some of our trainers at our studio in Toronto.
A fun fact about Sarah is that she is always finding new ways to exercise! She loves trying new things such as kickboxing, runs and is currently training for a half marathon.


  • Thornhill Figure Skating Club
  • Newmarket Skating Club


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Kaitlyn has been skating for 15+ years representing many Skating clubs.  She trains primary at Richmond Training Centre where she is on their Junior Ladies Competitive team.  As part of her training she participates in jump classes, off-ice and ballet training.  In 2017, Kaitlyn successfully qualified to go to Skate Canada Challenge at Junior level in 2017.  She coaches young skaters at Richmond Training Center and Markham Figure Skating Club.  She focuses on motivating the Flexafit members to exceed their fitness goals by having fun. She primarily works at the Flexafit Studio in Toronto, and has been working at Flexafit since May, 2017 but has been part of the training program for 4 years. 


  • Flexafit Studio


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Jenn is a retired figure skater who trained out of Ottawa for most of her career and represented the Gloucester Skating Club her last few years. She completed her Gold Freeskate, Dances, and Skills, passing her dance and skills at age 10. She competed in StarSkate at the Senior Silver ladies level in 2008, claiming gold at her regional competition and medalling at the Ontario Trillium championships. Jenn competed at the national level in Novice and Junior ladies, qualifying for the Ontario Winter Games in 2010 and finishing top 10 in Canada East & West Challenge in 2011. While attending McMaster University, she competed for the varsity figure skating team.

Jenn has won awards throughout her figure skating career such as:
-MVP of McMaster Figure Skating team in 2013 and 2015;
-Gloucester Skating Club 2011 Award for Top Competitive Result at Challenge;
-2011 Elizabeth Manley Award.

“I wish that I had Flexafit available to me when I was a skater. It provides skaters with a perfect combination of warm-up exercises to use prior to going on the ice. Additionally, all of the workouts seek to strengthen muscles specific to figure skating needs, all while using creative and fun ways to do so. Using a research-based approach, focusing on areas from quickness to strength and explosion, Flexafit is able to train skaters in a holistic manner off of the ice, which will help them achieve their goals and improve their performance on the ice. I love being part of a team that supports each other like we do!”


  • Skate Oakville
  • Ancaster Skating Club


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Erin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. While completing her studies, Erin worked as a personal trainer and senior level strength coach with the varsity athletics program at the University of Waterloo. She trained highly competitive teams and athletes across several disciplines of sport. During her many years of experience as a clinical kinesiologist, Erin developed exercise programs to rehabilitate clients from injury and surgery to allow for successful return to sport and work.

Erin began skating at the age of 4. She was a competitive singles skater until the age of 17 and has
completed her Gold level tests in all 4 disciplines of figure skating; Freeskate, Dance, Skills, and
Interpretive. Erin is a NCCP-Skate Canada Regional Trained Coach. While pursuing her education and career, Erin began synchronized skating as a way to continue with the sport she loves. She has now skated with NEXXICE synchronized skating club for 9 seasons and has won 3 national championships with NEXXICE Open including this past season.

“I am excited to combine my expertise in training and skating to help people achieve their goals! I love to see athletes take their skating to the next level. I truly believe that off-ice training is the
difference between a good skater and a great skater. The Flexafit system is a great combination of
strength and flexibility training, focusing on areas specific to the demands of athletes.”


  • Skate Oakville
  • Flexafit Personal Training
  • Flexafit Online Personal Training


Certified Flexafit Instructor, Social Media Specialist

Katia entered the skating world when she was three years old and skated competitively
for 16 years. She began her skating career being coached by her grandmother in Moscow, and
then after being recruited as a top ten under ten skater in Canada, she moved on to train and
excel at various international training locations, including the Cricket Club, where she skated at
the junior and senior level alongside many high level international skaters.
Having been one of Signe’s students during several summer camp programs in a row,
Katia developed a passion for fitness and off ice training. Today, she continues to skate as a
Varsity athlete representing the University of Toronto, and is very involved in fitness, yoga and
Pilates. Katia coaches young aspiring athletes to achieve the best of their abilities off the ice so
they can excel on the ice. Her main focus is to help young athletes fall in love with the process
of working out and bettering themselves, because “it is the passion and the drive inside a young
heart that will drive a skater to his or her success.”


  • West Toronto Skating Club
  • North Toronto Skating Club
  • Flexafit Online Personal Training


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Cassandra Ablack was a competitive figure skater and synchronized figure skater competing for NEXXICE Senior. She represented Canada and compete internationally and at world level competitions. Cassandra is the 2017 Synchronized Skating World Bronze medalist with NEXXICE. She was also the newest athletes inducted into the WOS Hall of Fame in May of 2017. Cassandra loves all types of physical activity and sports. She loves to dance and play basketball in her free time. Cassandra is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She has many years of experience in training athletes to develop the strength, coordination and endurance needed for their sport. The only thing better than becoming successful in something you are passionate about is knowing that you were able to help someone to reach their goals in living a happy and healthy life! One quote Cassandra lives by is, “You get back what you put in!”


  • West Toronto Skating Club
  • Whitby Figure Skating Club
  • Thornhill Figure Skating Club
  • Flexafit Online Personal Training
  • Flexafit Personal Training


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Leah is currently doing her Masters in Kinesiology at the University of Toronto, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University in 2018. Throughout her studies, she has worked with a variety of athletes and individuals to help improve their overall health and physical activity. As a graduate student, she is studying the importance of movement, health, injury prevention and fitness for all populations, as well as completing many practical hours of on field work at gyms, clinics, and hospital. This includes working with children with disabilities through various forms of physical activity.
Leah skated for around 13+ years at the Granite Club in Toronto. She competed competitively as a singles and pairs skater. She also completed her Gold free skate, skills, and interpretive tests.  Leah also has a passion for health and fitness, and hopes to help skaters reach their skating goals through off-ice training.


  • Leaside Skating Club


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Claudia has been skating for 14 years both competitively at the Richmond Training Centre and for the University of Toronto Varsity figure skating team. She has also danced competitively in all genres ranging from ballet to hip hop. She is graduating with a bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of Toronto in 2019. She loves working with athletes to help them develop skills to work towards their goals and to promote an overall positive well-being.


  • West Toronto Skating Club


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Blair has been competitively skating for 14+ years. Previously, she represented the Lake Superior Figure Skating Club in Sault Ste. Marie, and now she competes for Wilfrid Laurier University’s varsity skating team. Throughout her skating career, Blair has always made off-ice training a priority by taking dance classes, yoga classes, and working out regularly. Blair currently does CrossFit 5-6 days per week to maintain a good health and well-being. Her background in fitness has also provided her with the opportunity to coach Kids CrossFit during the summer months. She is planning to graduate with a Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physical Education degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2021. Working for Flexafit allows Blair to share her passion for figure skating and fitness, while helping other skaters achieve their skating goals.


  • Kitchener-Waterloo Skating Club


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Oliana is a NCCP Certified Provincial Coach and a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers and attended the University of Toronto obtaining a Honours Bachelor of Arts. She is classically trained in piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and achieved Level 8 from the Society of Russian Ballet. As a skater, Oliana attained quadruple Gold status, and was a competitive singles skater for over 10 years. Currently, Oliana works as a teacher and a coach at the Elite Edges Skating School. Oliana’s passion for skating has led her to continue building high quality skaters, both on and off the ice.


  • Streetsville Meadowvale Figure Skating Club
  • Unionville Skating Club, Synchro Team


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Vivian is a Certified Personal Trainer, and graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor in Science, Majoring in Kinesiology.  She began dancing at the age of 4 and has trained in ballet for 15+ years.  She has been involved in the health and fitness industry as a dance instructor and personal trainer.  Vivian wants to promote the importance of proper off-ice training to minimize the risk of injury and improve performance on ice.


  • Richmond Hill Figure Skating Club


Certified Flexafit Instructor

Rachel has been a competitive dancer for over 10 years and is well disciplined in ballet, acro, jazz, tap, and lyrical. In competition, Rachel has excelled as a soloist, and in duet, trio, group, and production numbers. Beyond competition, Rachel has performed for larger audiences including many Nutcracker productions, charity events, televised events, and the Toronto Raptors.

After her competitive career, Rachel now enjoys sharing her passion for dance and physical activity with children and adolescents. As a dance instructor and Fitness and Health Promotion graduate, Rachel continues to teach others the importance of physical activity through creative movement in a fun and exciting environment.  As of now, she has received formal training under the CSEP, ACSM and Can-Fit Pro curriculum to broaden her understanding of the fitness field. To further expand on her knowledge, Rachel will continue her education as a Kinesiology student in Fall 2019.


  • Richmond Hill Figure Skating Club


Certified Flexafit Instructor


  • Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club


Managing Editor for Figure Skater Fitness Magazine

With 15 years of editorial experience, Adriana’s past titles include Editor-in-Chief for Childview
and Salon Magazine and Beauty Director for FASHION. Her work has been published in Flare,
ELLE Canada, Popsugar, Chatelaine, Rethink Breast Cancer, glow and Elevate magazines and
the National Post and Toronto Star newspapers.

A multi award-winning editor and writer, Adriana has won the 2011 Proctor & Gamble Beauty Award for Best Feature, the 2009 Canadian Fragrance Editorial Award for Best Print Media, the 2009 Canadian Online Publishing Award for Best Video Host and three Kenneth R. Wilson Awards for Best National Magazine, Best Cover and Best Editor. Currently, Adriana is a monthly contributor for amongmen.com, IN Magazine and 29secrets.com.

As an NCCP III coach, Adriana has a sports background in synchronized swimming. She lives
in Toronto with her very spoiled feline, Trixie-Belle.



Gabriella is a former figure skater who competed at the national level for Junior Pairs with her partner Christopher Sisca. After retiring from the sport in 2013, she attended the University of Western Ontario earning her Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology.



Clubs We Train At

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Our Story

How did Figure Skater Bootcamp begin?

Over the many years of competing, Signe often had to withdraw from competitions due to injuries, which ultimately ended her career. She spent most of her hours on the ice and very little time in the gym. At the time, fitness training was not considered a big part of her routine.

After Signe retired from the competitive world of figure skating, she started to spend most of her hours training in the gym. She loved fitness so much that she decided to study further and learn all about the fitness world, she is CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As she was learning about different techniques and methods of training, she started believing more and more that fitness training is the key to a successful, injury-free athlete. This is when Figure Skater Bootcamp was born.

Figure Skater Bootcamp was founded in 2010, with the goal to help figure skaters achieve ultimate strength through fitness training in order to prevent injuries and maximize individual potential on the ice. Signe provides specialized fitness training for figure skaters of all levels to help achieve peak performance on the ice. By progressing through each stage of the program skaters build confidence and the feeling of being a packaged skater.

  • Balance & Coordination

    Balance and Coordination is the foundation to all exercises performed in fitness and sports. It is important to be well trained in this area in order to maximize the proper execution of exercises and decrease the chance of injury. Participants will learn exercises and techniques to enhance better balance and coordination, which will be applied to each of the following phases of the method.

  • Mobility & Flexibility

    This phase of training focuses on not only flexibility of the muscles but the ability to have proper range of motion in the joints in order to perform exercises efficiently and effectively. Participants will learn exercises to increase range of motion in the joints, which will then be applied to more challenging exercises in the next phase of training.

  • Strength & Conditioning

    Balance and Coordination is the foundation to all exercises performed in fitness and sports. It is important to be well trained in this area in order to maximize the proper execution of exercises and decrease the chance of injury. Participants will learn exercises and techniques to enhance better balance and coordination, which will be applied to each of the following phases of the method.

In 2012, Signe released her first DVD, “Reach New Heights”, which has sold hundreds of copies worldwide, teaching the fundamentals to sport specific training for figure skaters.

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How was Flexafit inspired?

In 2013, Signe created the Flexafit Methodology of training after years of experimenting and studying various forms of fitness training. The Flexafit Methodology is a 3-Part System, which includes Strength & Conditioning, Balance & Coordination and Mobility & Flexibility training. This method was inspired bytraining done for figure skaters, but has now extended further to apply for everyone. This method will help build a confident, well-rounded individual. Signe believes you don’t have to be an athlete to train like one.

The Flexafit Studio

We were proud to open our first Flexafit Studio in the spring of 2013. Our studio is located in the heart of the Toronto Film District Area, in the historic Munition Factory building. It is a spacious studio with natural lighting, hardwood floors, mirrors, ballet barres, professional sound system, and high performance equipment (plyometrics boxes, TRX system, Bosu/Swiss balls, hurdles, ladders, weight rack etc.).