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Fitness Insider

Bored by your workouts? Not seeing the results you want? Our Fitness Insider section has the sport-specific answers you’ve been searching for. Focusing on core strength, agility and muscle toning, each issue of our magazine provides you with new and unique exercises from the FLEXAFIT program to keep your body strong.

Nutrition Insider

Do you want to learn how to make the perfect smoothie bowl? Or maybe your cooking routine is in a rut and you’re craving nutritional ideas. When you subscribe to Figure Skater Fitnessmagazine, you’ll stay up to date on the latest health trends, snacks and nutrition-based science so that you can be lean, energetic and strong.

Injury Prevention

Beat your injury to the punch. We provide you with expert advice on how to keep your body in fighting form. From proper conditioning programs and better understanding your body to knowing your limits on and off the ice, our sports experts guide you towards maintaining a healthy body, while teaching you how to listen to what it’s telling you before, during and after each workout.

Train the Mind

Do you find yourself buckling under competition nerves or feeling burnt out at the end of the training season? Most National- and World-level skaters credit their success to working with sport psychologists and mental performance coaches. Each issue of our magazine prioritizes mental training with relevant facts, insight and tips in its Train the Mind section. After all, a strong body deserves an even stronger mind.


From beauty products and workout wear to competition trends and must-have essentials (lip balm, anyone?), our Style section has you covered every issue. Our expert advice is straight from the fashion runways, the skating industry and the drugstore aisles and specifically written and curated chosen with you in mind.

In the Spotlight

What’s the secret behind Bradie Tennell’s consistency? How has Amber Glenn embraced the intense nerves she experiences during competition? Diving into the lives of the up-and-coming generation of skating’s biggest stars, our In the Spotlight section gives you the inspiration to create the skating journey of your dreams. Who knows, one day, we may be writing about you!

The IT List

We love showcasing skaters who represent what Figure Skater Fitness believes in. In each issue, we highlight a passionate and hardworking skater to share their triumphs and challenges, along with their love of the sport and insider secrets with you. Want to eat the same post-training snack as Olympian, Piper Gilles? Subscribe now so that you can read all about it in our upcoming Winter issue.

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