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Stationary Jumps Improve Fast Rotation and Quick Twitch

By December 1, 2020 No Comments

by Signe Ronka

Over the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic I have been working online with skaters from all around the world. I can truly attest that stationary jump exercises done on a regular basis help improve rotational speed and fast twitch on both jumps across the floor and on ice.

Although stationary jumps can often feel repetitive in nature for most skaters, the benefits shine through for those persistent enough to maintain a routine of practice.

Here at FLEXAFIT we keep things fun and exciting by adding focus areas each week. Even with the same exercises, you can add various tools to help skaters create body awareness.

I am so excited each week to work with skaters around the globe; whether in private lessons or my group classes, it’s amazing to see the progress week to week with stationary jumps.

One of the biggest areas of improvement has been tightness of arms and legs in air, as well as quickness to get into rotation. The most proud moments are to see a skater start in session only rotating a little more than a single and see them grow and develop to get to 2.5 rotations.

Another key aspect to training stationary jumps is the understanding of axis of rotation. Where the arms, head, feet, knees and hips need to be to develop the maximum power.

All in all, stationery jumps should be a big part of skaters off ice training.

Twist Jump


Start by standing with feet hip distance apart.Figure skating off ice training

Jump up while twisting and crossing the feet in the air. Figure skating off ice training, twist jumpIf you rotate to the left, cross your left foot in front. If you rotate to the right, cross your right foot in front. Alternate twist jumps to get the maximum benefit of coordination skills.

Repeat 20 reps for 3-4 sets.


Today’s Featured Skater

Grace, Thailand


Grace started training with Signe in July, 2020


November, 2020


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