Figure Skater Bootcamp is a sport specific program designed for figure skaters. The program includes specialized focus on proper warm up exercises, with active, dynamic and sport specific components.

The program is structured in a 12 week cycle with a testing phase built in quarterly.

Some key features covered in the program are:

  • Anaerobic circuits to improve lactate threshold so skaters can get through their solo without getting tired.
  • Plyometrics, explosive exercises off one foot, bounding type, vertical jump work to improve height in jumps and quick twitch on rotation.
  • Core/Balance: Stability exercises, muscular endurance exercises, cross rotational core exercises, back exercises, balance exercises.
  • Upper Body- work on developing all the muscle groups to help improve quickness on take offs, in air positions.
  • Lower body strength- Strength drills that are specific to skating
  • Coordination/Speed/Agility- developing power, quick start, reaction time.
  • Injury Prevention exercises- work on mobility drills to strengthen both superficial muscle groups and deep muscles used to stabilize body to prevent injuries
  • Flexibility- increasing range of motion in joints for better functional performance, increase flexibility through various stretch techniques

Skaters who join these classes will see rapid improvement not only in strength off the ice, but will notice more power when they skate, height in their jumps and general speed improvement. We also offer these classes at various skating clubs- check out where we train here.





Balance & Coordination

  • Upper body/Core strength
  • Leg power & strength
  • Endurance training
  • Speed training
  • Height on jumps through plyometrics & power training

Mobility & Flexibility

  • Agility training
  • Posture on and off the ice
  • Fast reflex training
  • Fast twitch muscles for quick rotation in jumps
  • Balance techniques specific for figure skaters

Strength & Conditioning

  • Mobility drills
  • Added focus on splits for figure skaters
  • Back flexibility
  • Stretching for Biellmann, doughnut, and Y-stand spins


Flexafit sport specific program designed for figure skaters – includes specialized focus on proper warm up exercises, with active, dynamic and sport specific components.

You will go through Flexafit’s signature warm up, off-ice jumping exercises, high intensity workouts, and flexibility routines all online! All classes are live and interactive. Receive real time motivation and corrections. Classes will vary from week to week.

WHEN: Wednesdays and Sundays

WHAT: 60 minute workout

INTERACTIVE: All sessions are live. Sessions will not be recorded. Must turn on camera to participate


This class is designed for skaters to improve their centre axis of rotation, as well as their rotational axis. The class begins with multiple quick twitch exercises that are done stationary, which improve spatial awareness and proprioception. We then move to across the floor jumps with a focus on biomechanical principles applied, which are well known from the Level 3 coaching course. Finally, the class finishes with a focus on plyometrics (being able to generate the greatest amount of force in the smallest amount of time) through box jump techniques that Signe has created to help improve vertical jump and quickness of take off. This is an excellent class to combine with Figure Skater Bootcamp + Stretch.


Dance Fusion is a program we developed specifically for figure skaters. Often times skaters take extra dance classes that are restricted to movement and flow. Each class covers various components of dance, where skaters learn a little bit of every style of dance including: ballet, modern, salsa, cha cha, jazz, hip hop, waltzes, etc. It is truly a joy to watch these kids develop their dance skills and body awareness even after just a few sessions.


This class is combined with Figure Skater Bootcamp to give skaters the ultimate 30 min stretch experience. Stretching is extremely important in not only injury prevention, but returning the muscles to their original state after a work out or on ice session. In this class, we focus on developing range of motion in the joints, as well as strive to get every skater closer to the splits. Being able to do the splits is an important part of being a figure skater, as most of our spins, field movements and skating require beautiful lines and extensions. The kids love this class because they can finally relax their muscles and mind after a tough workout.


Personal training is a great way to see improvements faster. If you like training on your own or feel you are at the point in your skating where you need specific focus, personal training is the right choice for you. We tailor every workout to your specific needs, whether it is recovering from an injury, improving power and height in jumps, improving speed/coordination, we can help you get there faster.

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We are excited to introduce online personal training with Signe Ronka to our program offerings.  You will get a complimentary Skype meeting to go over your fitness goals and level of fitness.  Online personal training is just like training here with us at the studio.  You will be put through Signe’s warm up plan, high intensity workouts, off-ice jumps and flexibility right from your home.

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We offer personal off-ice jump training with Signe Ronka, certified Level 3 coach. Signe teaches the biomechanical principles of off ice jumps both stationary and across the floor. Coaches have noticed huge on ice improvements in rotation, centre axis control and proprioception with working with Signe off the ice.

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Private stretch sessions with Martha Weizman are highly recommended to anyone who thinks they will never be able to get their splits! Martha works wonders with skaters of all levels to improve flexibility and range of motion. She is an expert in this field- you can see for yourself with these before and after photos. She also does one on one dance lessons to help skaters with their programs off the ice and refine the choreography. She cleans up lines and extensions and helps with expression off the ice, which has shown to transfer on the ice beautifully.

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Adult Classes are a variation of the Figure Skater Bootcamp workouts. This class is packed with components taken from Figure Skater Bootcamp, where adults learn what it means to train like a figure skater. Don’t worry, we have adults of ALL fitness levels join our classes. The special feature of this class is that we keep them small in number to allow each individual to strive at their own pace. Every exercise is designed to have 2-3 types of modifications (Starter, Intermediate, Elite). Adults who join this class can’t get enough no matter how hard we push them…they keep coming back for more.


Flexafit Standardized Testing was designed by Signe to baseline skaters on their starting point fitness level. Signe has put together a series of 20 tests, which focus on power, agility, speed, anaerobic capacity, muscular endurance, and flexibility. All tests are done with objective measurements, that can easily be tracked, and recorded with validity and reliability. Testing is a great tool to add to your skater’s success, as we measure your progress throughout the year to reach optimal results both on and off the ice. Parents, coaches, club directors and skaters are excited to see how the the skater progresses throughout the season. We offer coach, parent and skater discussions to review standards of where the skaters should be to perform various skills on the ice and how they compare in their current results. Testing is great for ages 7+. We offer quarterly testing to clubs and individual skaters. As of today, we have tested thousands of skaters, and have the analytic capabilities to share with parents and coaches your skater’s scores in comparison to the average for the age group as well as the standard they are reaching for.

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